Gates Quick-Lok™ threadless couplings eliminate leaks and increase efficiency. See how much you can save when you replace your threaded wire-braid connectors.


Number of replaceable threaded wire-braid couplings:
*Quick-Lok™ can replace approximately 75% of wire-braid threaded connections.
Total units produced per year:
*Provide the total number of units produced by all shifts.
Man-hours required to produce one unit:
*Decimals accepted.
Total spend on hydraulic components per unit:
*Dollars spent on hydraulic hose and adaptor components annually.
Average hourly labor cost:
*Including overhead & benefits.


Per Platform Unit
Production Line Time Savings (hrs.)
*Quick-Lok™ couplings don’t require torqueing, saving about 50 seconds for every connection.
Production Line Cost Savings
*Labor rate includes overhead and benefits.
Re-work Labor Cost Savings
*On average 10% of products require re-work due to threaded connection leaks. Additional labor time is required to fix these products. With Quick-Lok™ couplings, these re-work costs are eliminated.
Warranty Cost Savings
*Percentage of warranty costs attributed to leaks = 4.5% of hydraulic components spend. Quick-Lok’s™ patented leak-free design dramatically reduces warranty costs. and eliminates costly hydraulic oil leak cleanups.

Total Cost Savings Potential